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Fabric Art Collage: 40+ Mixed Media Techniques

Discover the joys of mixed-media fabric collage with this practical and user-friendly guide to more than 40 techniques. This superb new volume teaches crafters everything they need to know about mixed-media fabric collage – the techniques, the supplies, and the fun! Try your hand at one of more than 40 original techniques, each illustrated with [...]

Papermaking: How to Make Handmade Paper for Printmaking, Drawing, Painting, Relief and Cast Forms, Book Arts, and Mixed Media

Shows how to make paper for painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, etc. In step-by-step photos, leading artists demonstrate their favorite methods and techniques.

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Wire in Design: Modern Wire Art & Mixed Media (Jewelry Crafts)

Wire is hot. The craft has held fascination for many years, but has only come into the limelight as of late. Now anyone with an interest in wire‘s rich past or the desire to explore this creative medium will find everything they need in this comprehensive volume. Besides giving an overview of how artists have [...]