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Pencil Portrait Sketching—Tilted Head View

To create a relaxed feeling in your portraits quite often you will need to sketch the head tilted. Most people when they are at ease will view with their head slightly tilted. In this article we will point out what to look for and how to tackle the tilted skull. [...]

Pencil Portrait Sketching—Drawing Hairdos

By Remi Engels, guest blogger

Rendering hair is dictated by several factors: the type of hair, its color, texture, amount, the arrangement and styling of the hair, the character and disposition of the sitter or the photograph, and the light effect upon the hair.

The contour of the hair is part of the overall arabesque. [...]

Pencil Portrait Sketching—Arabesque

In this article we imagine that you draw directly from life or from a suitable photo. In other words, we imagine that you do not use the so-called grid method. This technique relies on a grid drawn both on the photo of your subject as well as your sketching paper. [...]

Pencil Portrait Drawing—6 Elements of Portrait Sketching

Sketching in always entails 4 separate elements: line, value, texture, and shape. In the special case of pencil portrait sketch we can refine the list of elements to six: shape, proportion, anatomy, texture, tone, and planes. [...]